Write a Speech in 20 Minutes

“Write a Speech in 20 Minutes” is a hands on workshop which will provide a structured methodology to write a 3 point speech in 20 minutes. You will leave with valuable tools that are a “Must have” for new Toastmasters or anyone who struggles with writing speeches.

 In this workshop you will;

  • Build confidence in writing and developing a speech
  • Learn tips and ideas to structure your speech
  • Learn a structured methodology to write speeches
  • Write your own speech
  • Overcome the fear of how to get started
  • Have fun

Workshop duration is 60 to 90 minutes.

After delivering this workshop to numerous groups, we’ve never had anyone who tried fail to write a speech. The quality of speeches produced is amazing.


I wanted to thank you, once again, for being willing to present to our Toastmasters’ club yesterday.  The feedback that I’ve heard so far has been overwhelmingly positive.  You simplified speech writing, which for many is an overwhelming process.

I found your speech workshop to be so valuable!

It’s simplistic framework really helped in developing a speech in no time!

I was most impressed by the fact that all participants created a speech with the tools your workshop provided during your session!  It was so incredibly useful!  Thank you.


Write a speech in 20 minutes.  ( A skill worth learning! )

For those of you who sometimes struggle to get going with a new speech, the Workshop entitled “Write a speech in20 minutes”, delivered by Bruce Richardson, will save you hours, in getting your next speech completed.

The lessons are interactive, flow quickly, and offer an way to reflect on what is important in a speech, and what will take your presentations to the next level.  You will learn how to eliminate the obstacles we all face in crafting new speech.  Thank you Bruce for bringing this workshop to our club, I have used this technique many times since.



I would like to thank Bruce for a fabulous job in presenting his ‘write a speech in 20 minutes ‘ workshop!

He presented it to 40 of my Youth Leadership Programs students for 2 separate sessions combined.

The students ranging from ages 12-17  found his practical hands on approach very helpful, and made the process far less intimidating than they had envisioned. They could pick whatever topic they were knowledgeable, interested and passionate about. Bruce used his own experience in swimming as a sample to help along.

At the end of the workshop, everyone had a perfectly good template for their speech already drafted up. What a successful, productive and encouraging day we had!


I didn’t consider myself in need of assistance when preparing for a speech. After the session I realized how much more difficult I was making the process.

I found the template easy to use and follow. Bruce gave us the tips and walked us through the presentation which made a real difference.

I would recommend the session for every individual and all levels.


Workshops can be customized to your learning outcomes and/or content. I also moderate online sessions and discussion panels. Contact us