Featured Talks

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Three Levels of Serving

Everyone serves in some capacity. At work we serve our employer. Most everyone volunteers in come capacity, weather it be in community organizations, kids’ sports or at church. Volunteering and serving is good for society, benefiting both the recipients and the person giving their time. In this discussion I will challenge your paradigm on serving and encourage you to serve from a new perspective.

The Rat

The Rat is a personal and powerful story about the consequences of holding resentment and the power of forgiveness. It talks about growing up with an alcoholic father, the challenges in our relationship and the animosity that grew as a result. Even after leaving home I continued to struggle with anger and resentment until I decided to forgive, not for his benefit, but mine.

If you or someone you know struggles with forgiveness after being hurt, my story will inspire you.

Three Fundamental Principles for a Fulfilled Life

We often talk about success in life, but somehow overlook the importance of living a fulfilled life. Success is achieving a goal. While achieving goals is important, that does not necessarily create fulfillment in our lives.

In this presentation we are focusing on three fundamental principles for living a fulfilled life. They are: Love God, Love People, and Love Yourself.